STORE 4.0 Web Services Overview

This is a feature-by-feature comparison of the 3.1 client capabilities and the 4.0 client components that replace/enhance each feature.


Much is changing as STORE moves into its fourth major release. The 4th generation STORE client is different from its predecessors, and current STORE users will likely find the 4.0 client refreshingly simple, fast and intuitive. This document will not address business logic changes and specific operational features but will compare and contrast certain architectural elements of the 4.0 client in the context of the current STORE 3.1 iteration.

The context of this paper is the STORE Web Services and its uses.

3.1 to 4.0 Web Service Mapping

Current Web Service Interfaces 4.0 SWS Methods
CallCenterVer GetVersion
CreateNewAccount CreateNewAccount
EditAccountInfo UpdateAccount
GetCallSourceList TBD
GetCurrentPromotionListXML GetAvailableDiscounts
GetCustomerInfo GetAccountInfo
GetLoginAccountData GetAccountInfo
GetGateCode VerifyLogin
GetOrgUnitData TBD
GetPaymentData GetAssessments
GetPaymentDataByRental GetAssessments
GetPaymentHistory GetPaymentHistory
GetReferredByList TBD
GetReservationUnitData GetUnitData (returns all of the units for the specified attributes)
GetSiteUnitData (returns a single available unit, if there are any, with each row of data)
GetSiteAddress GetSiteDetails
GetSiteDirections GetSiteDetails
GetSiteFeatures GetSiteAtrributes
GetSiteHours GetSiteDetails
GetSiteList GetSiteList
GetSiteListByState GetSiteList
GetSitePhones GetSiteDetails
GetSitePhotoName GetSiteDetails
GetSiteTasks GetSiteTasks
GetSiteUnitData GetSiteUnitData
MakePayment MakePayment
MakeReservation MakeReservation
PasswordLookup RetrievePassword
RecordCall CreateSiteTask
RecordMarketingInfo TBD
SearchByName SearchBy
SearchByUnit SearchBy
VerifyLogin VerifyLogin